Regent University

At Regent University, you will get an education with Christian
foundations that is unique to this school. I love this school; frankly because I can find my identity in Christ and express it freely and comfortably. Regent's motto is founded on Christian leadership that changes the world; and I believe that I can definitely be an advocate in the world because of the ideals taught at Regent University.

Government Degree

I am a government major and organizational leadership and management minor. I plan on attending law school; and being able to have a Christian foundation truly inspires me and helps me in my future career in politics. Regent provides you with an awareness of other ideologies and teaches you how to use that knowledge in order to minister towards others in a modern society.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

As the fall rolls on...

Much has occurred since the last time I posted in July. I moved back on campus, I am volunteering in Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity while trying to get ready for the LSAT in October (only two weeks away!). I am planning on attending Regent University but UVA or W&M would be nice too. There are some things I learned in the past few weeks about applying to law school:

1. Make sure you trim down your list of law schools you want to apply to (each school you apply to can see the other schools you are applying to, schools want to feel "special" :P).
2. Make sure you study for the lsat. I like to use kaplain.
3. The Law school process is expensive. I have already paid $307.00 and I haven't even paid the application fees yet.
4. Choose a law school in a state in which you could live in for a long time. Chances are that you will make all your connections while in law school and pass the bar in the same state.
5. Be realistic. If you are getting low scores on your pre-tests and unsure if you want to practice law and/or become a politician, don't get the degree. No one wants to waste $39,000 a year. Go to grad school.


  1. Your chosen field is quite interesting,the study of law is expensive as you said but i will urge you not to give up.
    Follow your dreams!
    I hope to hear from you.

  2. this is very helpful. i will be applying to law school next year so those tips will be useful. please post anything else that you have learned along the way!

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